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Today is the day I am made new by a rebirth of my consciousness. Through the power of my will, I assume executive responsibility for all of my thoughts and feelings, so that I may create a consciousness of peace. At the center of my Being resides ineffable Peace. I willingly go beneath the waves of human awareness to sink down deep into the center of my soul where all is tranquil, calm…still. I have the spiritual strength to persevere through any resistances I may encounter. I easily clear any blocks in my consciousness to the awareness of this ineffable peace within me. I open, allowing the flow of this peaceful energy into every aspect of my life. I am a fountain of God’s Peaceful Presence in this world. So, I affirm only those thoughts and feelings that express God’s Peace and support the creation of a consciousness of peace. So it is. Amen.

From Unity Church of the Hills 40 Day Peace Experience